"Hari Radhe is mobile application on Android & iOS, which digitizes the process of purchasing daily house hold needs from your regular retail outlets. The registered buyers creates a category wise list of items to be purchased. The buyer forwards the list to the favourite registered seller for estimate & final order with real time notifications. The buyer processes the order & requests a online payment or COD. Both the buyer & seller can keep a digital record of the purchases & payments transactions."

Unlimited Features

Multiple Utility

Buy your favourite items like Grocery, Personal Care, Fruits, Vegetables, Sweets, Bakery etc. from your favourite retail outlet.

Create List

One can create & save category wise list of the items to be purchased.

Real-Time Notification

One can forward the estimate request & place order with real time notifications.

Payment Request

Sellers can send request for payment to the buyers.

Online Payment

Buyers can transfer payment to the sellers online.


Buyers & Sellers can chat through an exclusive chat platform.


Both Buyers & sellers can invite each other on Hari Radhe through a Free SMS Platform.

Ledger Account

Sellers can record all transactions to maintain a ledger account of all buyer.

Bills Printer

The sellers can print bills through a wireless thermal printer.

List Sharing

Buyers can share list with its contacts.


One can create & save a category wise list of household items regularly purchased from market. This list of items can be referred / accessed any time to select the items to be purchased.

This list of items can be forwarded to the selected retailer / seller for an estimate. The seller once receives the notification can open the list, review & can select the items which are available for sale.

The seller can also enter prices of the items & can forward it to the customer with complete estimate of the order.

The customer once receives the notification on receipt of estimate, can open the list of items available with the seller with complete budget estimate. Here the customer has the option to deselect the items which are not intended to purchase.

The final list can be forwarded to the seller in the form of an order. One can choose the option of drop off, in case a home delivery is desired. The seller receives the notification on the final order.

The seller processes the complete order with final billing. The seller has the option to send a request of the online payment on the final bill. He has the final say on the pickup or drop off.

Once the buyer receives a notification on order ready & payment request, they can make a online payment or request a COD. The seller can also print bills with the help of a self owned Bluetooth Thermal Printer.

Once the material reaches the buyer the seller opts for ORDER FINISH as completion of buying process. The seller can enter payments in the buyers ledger account to keep a complete record of business transaction with a particular buyer.

The buyer also has the option to view his ledger account with a particular seller. Both the buyer & seller has the option to invite each other on Hari Radhe through a Free SMS Portal only from the contacts saved in the contact list.

The seller will get a option to hire a payment gateway for accepting online payments, integrated with Hari Radhe Mobile Application.

Apart from paying payment receipt charges of the payment gateway, he does not have to share any margin with any other agency connected to Hari Radhe.

Hari Radhe will be free for all its users, till further notice. After that the Sellers will have to pay monthly subscription charges as per the opted plan.

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